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"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones
because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward." -- Matthew 10:42


*That many hungry children would be fed and blessed in the name of Jesus Christ *That God would be glorified in all partnerships related to Lauren's Table


100% of the proceeds from Mark Swayze's This Album Feeds Children go directly toward feeding children. Buy a copy today.


Give online or a via mailed check made out to Lauren's Table sent to Mark Swayze - Lauren's Table c/o UUMC 5084 DeZavala Road San Antonio, TX 78249

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About Us

Who We Are

Lauren's Table is a private Christian foundation partnering with other Christian non-profit organizations that provide resources to feed hungry children in all parts of the world.

How We Came To Be

When my daughter was three years old, she turned my world upside down with one question.

We were on a walk in early Autumn. Out of the blue, Lauren asked me, "Daddy, why are there hungry kids?"

Utterly floored, I managed to respond, "I don't know."

Without skipping a beat, my 3 year old solved this age-old problem: "They should come to my house and eat at my table."

Images of starving children not so different from my own, and Lauren's exuberant child-like faith burned in me for days, begging the question, "Where is God in all this?"

At this time, the worship team and I were preparing newly written worship songs for our church. We had a CD in the works. With no desire to profit from songs that came from God and were intended for God's people, I began asking the Lord where the proceeds from the music should go. Days later, still waiting for His answer, I went walking in hopes of some clarity.

"Lord, what do You want me to do with these songs?" I asked.

Swiftly the answer appeared: "Feed hungry children."

I looked about and realized I stood in the exact spot Lauren had asked her probing, innocent question one week earlier.

The phrase "Lauren's Table" immediately came to mind, and I knew my daughter's vision and the Lord's intention were one and the same. Walking back to the house, my mind reeled as to how to make all this a reality.

My wife, Missie, is a passionate advocate of children and she immediately loved the idea. Searching for support, I called my father Steve, a retired lawyer. I asked if it was possible to set up a private foundation named Lauren's Table. Not by coincidence, Dad had just received an invitation for a continuing education course on Music Law. He enrolled immediately; not long after, the private foundation Lauren's Table became a reality.

Since August of 2010, I have been blessed with opportunities to share the vision for Lauren's Table with many people. A child's simple solution to hunger combined with finances derived directly from songs for God's people means children with full bellies, God's glory realized.

This is our story. This is our story which resonates with people, young and old, hungry and fed. We are certain this is an anointed vision.

Join us. Worship God. Feed a child.

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